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Incognito mode simply deletes information related to your browsing session from your computer: your history, cookies and any info you've entered into fields. Notably, it only does that after you end your session by closing out all your tabs. So if you leave your incognito tabs open for hours or days at a time, that information will still build up. And no matter what, Google can save your searches -- and companies, internet service providers and governments can still track you across the internet, even when you're using incognito mode. Getty Images China exploits how search engines work to influence public opinion outside the country by landing state-published stories about the detention of Uyghur Muslims and the origins of the coronavirus at the top of Google, YouTube and Bing searches.  Sarah Tew/CNET With HBO Max you can have up to three simultaneous streams going at the same time. The addition of up to five user profiles, a feature not available on the previous HBO Now or HBO Go apps, makes it easier to share an account.  In 2020, the Department of Justice filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google over its dominance in search and its alleged efforts to suppress competition. Later that year, 38 attorneys general from states and territories filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google alleging it holds a search monopoly. Google countered by saying its popularity is because it has the best search product. The lawsuits are currently working their way through the legal system. id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body" data-component="trackCWV"> HBO Max has gradually built up a stash of TV shows well worth your binge-watching hours. The home of Succession and The White Lotus, HBO Max brings you new shows and http://www.baidu.com/ episodes each week. Google Search and YouTube are banned in China. Microsoft's Bing operates in China but suspends some elements of the service to comply with the country's laws. Ned Adriance, policy communications manager at Google, said the search giant tries to "combat coordinated influence and censorship operations" while balancing free expression. Some search queries used in the study were less common terms, which may explain why Chinese state sources were in top results, Google said. Considering Google controls over 90% of the internet search market, http://www.baidu.com/ abortion rights advocates worry its search and http://www.baidu.com/ location data could be used against those seeking abortion care. It's prompted Google to auto-delete location data after visits to abortion clinics, but doing so has also put the search giant in the middle of a politically hot debate.

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