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Do's and don'ts while choosing a guest posting website Guest posting is an incredible way to build links and relationships. It gives you free publicity in front of a new audience thus, result in new followers or subscribers and this can even lead to immense traffic for list of free press release pr submission website sites your website. Also, it will get links for your website as guest blogging can also help in getting backlinks.

Guest blogging requires a lot of time, effort and research. However, the purpose of guest blogging will be served only when you get a good website to post. Selecting a Good Website for Guest Posting Here are a few guidelines to help you select a good website for posting your blogs: Domain authorization of your guest blogging targets DA or Domain Authority calculates the ability of the complete domain.

PA or Guest Posting Page Authority depicts the authority of a certain page of your site. DA uses forty variable metrics to measure this and this includes both the number of root domains and links to your site. DA is very crucial, thus if you write a guest post for a site that has DA, the chances are strong that your rank with Google will also rise. Alexa Ranking Alexa can help in checking the site's ranking in the world.

Any site that has Alexa Ranking below 600,000 should be checked further. Trust flow and citation flow (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push(); Citation flow uses several websites linked to a URL to calculate its prospective influence. Trust flow uses several sites that are trustworthy and linked to a URL. It is based on the idea that a trustworthy site will generate links to another trustworthy site, one after the other.

There should be a good and well-balanced ratio between TF and CF. The ideal ratio is 0.50. However, a high ratio depicts a very trustworthy site and if CF is higher it depicts that many low-quality links are hosted on the website. Thus, the site with high TF should be targeted for posting purposes as compared to sites with high TF as they aren't worth the effort. The source of traffic If you intend to target audience from a particular zone, then the should have traffic from the same region.

Example- if the target audience is from Australia the website should have traffic from Australia or it does not serve the purpose as it will not reach the target audience. Rank in the search engines Most definitely you need blogs that rank well in search engines. At times, it is difficult to understand the targeted keywords. Check alt tags, title tag h1, and the blog post titles. This will help you in getting clarity regarding the keywords.

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